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Related article: Gentlemen of Buy Tretinoin Cream 0.025 M.C.C., when he is said to have been ''as active as a boy at point." There is an interesting chapter upon Mr. R. D. Walker, of whom the author says : ** He was with- out doubt the greatest all-round cricketer in the Buy Tretinoin Uk family, with the sole exception of his brother Edward . . . He was undoubt- edly a genius, and as a Where Can I Buy Tretinoin Cream genius he went about things in a way which not only defied all rules, but often defied description." It was characteristic of Mr. R. D. Walker that after he suc- ceeded in getting into the Harrow Eleven he did not again wear pads or gloves when batting. At that time Cheap Tretinoin Cream no boy had a chance of getting his flannels unless he wore pads and gloves, and Mr. Walker, not wishing to be left out, bowed to circumstances. But there was another rule Tretinoin Gel Buy at Harrow that once a boy was put into the eleven he could not be turned out, and once Mr. Walker was a full-fledged member of the eleven he discarded pads and gloves for ever. He was an absolutely fear- less player, and always asserted, and still asserts, that it is a mis- take to imagine that a ball from a fast bowler hurts more than one from a slow bowler. Mr. Walker was the last man who played Purchase Tretinoin Cream five years for his University, and it was after the match in which he made his fifth appearance that a meeting of the two elevens was held, Buy Tretinoin Cream 0.05 and the present rule that no one at either University should play for more than four years from the commencement of resi- dence was made. *^ It is quite possible," says Mr. C. E. Green, in his chapter of reminiscences, "that R. D. would have been playing to this day had not the definite rule been passed as to limiting the qualification." So long as Harrow School exists, so long must the name of Isaac Donnithorne Walker be treasured and honoured. Like Robert Grimston and Fred Where Can I Buy Tretinoin Gel Pon- sonby before him, he showed a loyal devotion and love for Harrow and Harrow cricket which made the school on the hill the most fortunate of all schools, for at no other place, so far as we are aware, have three such lives been Buy Tretinoin Gel so generously devoted on the cricket-ground and off it to the service of younger generations at their old school. For many years I. D. Walker captained Middlesex and the Gentlemen's team against the Players, and was universally 272 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [October regarded as one of the great cap- tains of the day, and when at the age of forty he elected to retire from the active pursuit of first- class cricket, he was enabled to devote himself to that which was always so near his heart — the cricket at Harrow. Always during his long seasons of first-class cricket he devoted any time he could spare to running down to the Harrow cricket-ground, and from 1884, when he retired from Middlesex cricket, down to the week before his lamented death, he spent all his summers up to the second week of July in assist- ing the Harrow boys in their preparation for the match against Eton. The pages of this book contain many passages supplied by old Harrovians, which speak of the great good I. D. Walker did for Harrow and Harrovians in his kind, gentle and lovable way. As a boy at Harrow he showed the greatest promise, but was nearly always unfortunate, and it was not until he had left school that he attained the full measure of success which was always pre- dicted for him by those who knew him. A magnificent Tretinoin Cream Buy batsman, always scoring rapidly and dis- daining to waste a moment's time, he had some most beautiful strokes, especially one of his very own, which sent an ofT-ball sail- ing over the head of point or cover-point to the ropes. He was a most safe and good field, gene- rally at mid-off, and that at a period when bowlers were hit to mid-ofF with terrific violence. As an underhand bowler, I. D. Walker was one of the best, and we think that in this respect he never was rated high enough. Year after year through the "«».rrow Wanderers* tour he was the most effective bowler against some of the best batsmen in the North of England. Mr. Bettesworth has been for- tunate in the assistance he has been able to command in writing his history of the Walkers. We are pleased to note with becoming modesty that the old files of Baily's Magazine have been of much seeming value; and the book is well supplied with extracts from our green covers, which are, if we may say so, by no means the most uninteresting part of the work. Moreover, a large number of friends and acquaintances have tendered their reminiscences of the Southgate brotherhood, and much that is interesting and amusing is to be found in the chapters for which Messrs. C. E. Green, C. I. Thornton, C. K. Francis, A. J. Webbe, and Pro- fessor Case are responsible, whilst .the well-known umpire, Robert Thomas, relates much that Buy Tretinoin Cream 0.1 is interesting. Mr. Bettesworth has divided his book into three parts, the first biographical, the second '^The Walkers in the Field," and the third statistics, a most elaborate table of all the innings ever played by the brothers that have been chronicled, and their doings in all their matches. The compilation of this part of the book must have entailed a vast amount of work upon Mr. F. S. Ashley Cooper, who is to be heartily compli- mented upon the result of his exhaustive researches. There are portraits of the brothers and illustrations of the Harrow and Southgate cricket grounds, and also some interest- ing groups of cricketers, including one of the eighteen veterans who played against the Gentlemen of M.C.C. in 1887. 1900.] 273 The Farmer's Shooting- Party. When the last field of waving gold has been laid low, and the last Buy Tretinoin Cream Online team with its pile of well- packed sheaves has jolted merrily along its way to the rick-yard behind Where To Buy Tretinoin Gel the homestead ; when the plough has already begun to trace